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Nobody wants to file for bankruptcy. However, there comes a time for many people where it is necessary. When finances are so out of whack that a person is unable to afford paying their bills and the constant calls from collectors become overbearing, it is time to bring in a bankruptcy attorney, sit down, work out a plan, and file for bankruptcy. It doesn’t need to be the end of someone’s financial journey but instead the beginning of one. This way, it gives a person a fresh start and the ability to begin new. They just need to know how to file for bankruptcy and learn about what the process is. With the help of Bankruptcy Services Of Arkansas & Oklahoma, this is now possible.

Not everyone who contacts our offices has an initial plan. In fact, they might not want to initially file for it in the first place. However, when finances are tough and it just is not possible to stay on top of paying off debt and the bills just seem to pile up one at a time, it is time to at least find out your options. When talking with the attorneys at Bankruptcy Services Of Arkansas & Oklahoma, the legal team can go through all of your current financial issues and determine the best course of action. This might be to file for bankruptcy or it might be possible to pay down debt when following a very strict financial outline. It may also be based on how much money is coming in and where future expenses are going to be coming from.

If all of the financial information does point to someone needing to file, the attorneys at Bankruptcy Services Of Arkansas & Oklahoma are able to draw up the paperwork. This paperwork is filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court and submitted to creditors. Essentially, this tells the creditors a person is unable to pay and they need to make a deal to cut down on what they owe. Some smaller creditors might miss out completely while others might accept a small, faction of what is owed to them, as receiving something is better than nothing. Other loans are bankruptcy proof (student loans). From there, the law office is able to assist someone in determining the best financial course of action to build a credit score back up. By using the Bankruptcy Services Of Arkansas & Oklahoma, you are set up for eventual success.

When you’re filing bankruptcy, it is critical to understand your legal rights. The attorneys at Bankruptcy Services of Arkansas & Oklahoma personally meet with every client for the initial consultation to determine the appropriate course of action with FREE consultations and offer affordable payment plans.

Bankruptcy Services Of Arkansas & Oklahoma focuses on Consumer and Business Bankruptcy Law under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. We serve Northwest Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma. Our law offices are conveniently located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Stilwell, Oklahoma.

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